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A Sure Thing wins 2nd Place for Best Sports Story in this year's ANA/APME Better Newspapers Contest. Full story here.

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Published by PHOENIX, October, 2016  
Would you film a 9/11 movie in Toronto? As Hollywood re-creates the Yarnell Hill Fire in New Mexico, family members and survivors wonder if media interest has crossed into exploitation.  

Published by PHOENIX, September, 2016  
Rural Arizonans fear their water is being depleted by Saudi Arabian food producers. But state agriculturists laud the $180 million farm investment.  

Published by PHOENIX, September, 2016  
A baseball injury left him paralyzed at age 21, but Loren Worthington is back on the field as an "adaptive" sports photographer, leading him on an unexpected path to Rio.  

Published by PHOENIX, June, 2016  
Seasonal affective disorder is a "thing" in Phoenix during summer, when depression, aggression and stifled productivity all mushroom in the relentless Sonoran heat.  

Published by PHOENIX, May, 2016  
Could U.S. Marshal David Gonzales be the bipartisan, bicultural candidate to finally dethrone Sheriff Joe?  

Published by PHOENIX, April, 2016  
Our list of the 25 most influential people in metro Phoenix healthcare  

Published by PHOENIX, February, 2016  
Located just 55 miles west of Phoenix, the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station has never incurred the slightest damage from earthquakes. After last November's rumblings, can we still rest easy?  

Published by PHOENIX, February, 2016  
He built an Arizona movie theater empire before Harkins, and brought organized baseball to Phoenix before Colangelo. So how come nobody knows Harry Nace?  


    Big Scam on Campus  
    With Tempe's Vemma under attack by the FTC, founder BK Boreyko's notorious young sales crew is rapidly jumping ship. Could that, in the end, be what saves the embattled captain of network marketing?  
  Virtual Players  
  Professional video gamers battle for major league legitimacy.  
  The Wallace Effect  
  The late Bill Thompson's twisted humor pioneered today's more edgy kiddie fare. Could there ever be another Wallace and Ladmo Show?  
    Alternative Power  
    America's first openly gay big-city mayor comes home to helm an elite business network.  
  Endless Bummer  
  Mad or nomad, homeless or just hoboing, scores of unrooted transients migrate between our north and south climates annually, following or fleeing the sun as the seasons change. Are Arizona’s "homeless snowbirds" living the couch surfer's dream, or riding a wave of neglect?  
  Troubled Bubble  
  Twenty years after the first Biosphere mission, Arizona's multi-million dollar science project is finally getting some respect  
    For Profit: Another Kind of Green  
    Alt energy innovations born in the Arizona boonies are going global. Get ready for the Revenge of the Hicks.  
  Expanding Hope  
  At the new Phoenix Children's Hospital, an expanded staff of top-ranked doctors are transforming pediatric care, one child at a time  
  Arizona Pickers  
  Antique hunting is suddenly cool, and it's putting at least one dusty Arizona diner on the map  


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