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A Sure Thing wins 2nd Place for Best Sports Story in this year's ANA/APME Better Newspapers Contest. Full story here.

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Published by PHOENIX, November, 2014  
The late Bill Thompson's twisted humor pioneered today’s more edgy kiddie fare. Could there ever be another Wallace and Ladmo Show?  

Published by Lovin' Life After 50, August, 2013  
His sidekick's not exactly Ladmo, and the Arizona Duuude is no Captain Super. But lunches with Bill "Wallace" Thompson may be the funniest, and the sweetest, weekly get-togethers in Arizona.  

Published by Times Publications, July, 2013  
Phoenix's DIY Disneyland of the '60s and '70s grew up right along with the city's baby boomers. Until it, too, sold out in the '80s  

Published by Times Publications, January, 2013  
For theater understudies, standbys and swings, life in the wings can be more lucrative - and sometimes, more exciting - than a moment in the spotlight  

Published by Times Publications, December, 2012  
Antique hunting is suddenly cool, and it's putting at least one dusty Arizona diner on the map  

Published by Times Publications, November, 2012  
Professional video gamers battle for major league legitimacy.  

Published by Times Publications, October, 2012  
High stakes fantasy football players are investing big money and, sometimes, big ego in playing owner to teams that exist only in their wildest dreams  

Published by Times Publications, August, 2012  
Whether hunting haboobs or catching the perfect lightning strike, Arizona storm chasers are putting the state's wild summer weather on the map  


    Not Just Desserts  
    Today's specialty "cake artists" are the new pop stars of the elite party crowd.  
  A Sure Thing  
  Seventeen years after orchestrating the biggest gambling scandal in college sports history, former ASU Sun Devils captain Stevin "Hedake" Smith is finally betting on a winner: Himself.  
  The Real Screen Savers  
  After the closing of the Scottsdale 6, Arizona, once home to nearly 50 drive- in movie theaters, is down to only two. Meet the people who are trying to resurrect the vanishing icons of balmy Arizona nights - some of them doing it themselves in their own backyards.  
    With his new off-radio morning show, is Dave Pratt personality radio's savior - or just the Valley's answer to Charlie Sheen?  
  Flying the Coop  
  In today's hip urban backyard, chickens are the life of the party. Except for those being raised for, ahem, dinner.  
  Troubled Bubble  
  Twenty years after the first Biosphere mission, Arizona's multi-million dollar science project is finally getting some respect  
    For Profit: Another Kind of Green  
    Alt energy innovations born in the Arizona boonies are going global. Get ready for the Revenge of the Hicks.  
  Expanding Hope  
  At the new Phoenix Children's Hospital, an expanded staff of top-ranked doctors are transforming pediatric care, one child at a time  
  Zombies R Us  
  From 2012 doomsday survivalists to closet 'preppers,' more and more of our neighbors are secretly stockpiling food, water and weapons to guard against an approaching enemy: us, the unprepared.  


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