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Published by PHOENIX, September, 2016  
Rural Arizonans fear their water is being depleted by Saudi Arabian food producers. But state agriculturists laud the $180 million farm investment.  

Published by PHOENIX, January, 2016  
With Tempe's Vemma under attack by the FTC, founder BK Boreyko's notorious young sales crew is rapidly jumping ship. Could that, in the end, be what saves the embattled captain of network marketing?  

Published by PHOENIX, August, 2015  
Alcohol in a Kool-Aid-like packet? The Scottsdale-based inventor of Palcohol says he's got the powder. But does he?  

Published by PHOENIX, April, 2015  
Medical marijuana's secret benefactors include some of the Valley's most prominent business people - and some are no longer worried about remaining secret.  

Published by Times Publications, July, 2010  
Today's specialty "cake artists" are the new pop stars of the elite party crowd.  

Published by Times Publications, June, 2009  
In the ranks of the unemployed, groups of Valley corporate castaways are getting creative and finding that the last thing they need in order to survive is a job.  

Published by AZ Society, May, 2009  
Countering global banking's bad image, Valley bankers fine-tune their giving to provide help where it's needed most  

Published by Times Publications, April, 2009  
Valley credit counselors are on the front line of the economic crisis. And some are starting to feel the desperation themselves.  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, June, 2008  
Exactly midway through the state's motion picture tax incentives program, the Valley is still far from producing its own A-list movie studio. To anxious investors, even a Kung Fu grindhouse lot is starting to sound good  

Published by Scottsdale Times, April, 2008  
The Valley is home to one of the largest populations of retired FBI agents. And while they still can't spill all the beans, their stories would beat the pants off a CSI script.  

Published by AZ Business Gazette, October, 2007  
Financial struggles know no boundaries, producers say  

Published by Arrowhead Life, August, 2007  
Peoria couple keep top-flight restaurants in organic veggies  

Published by TechConnect, July, 2007  
For serial entrepreneurs, rolling again is a chance worth taking  

Published by Scottsdale Times, July, 2007  
An increase in home foreclosures is bad news for everybody - except the guys who make their living locking and cleaning up the deadbeat dwellings for the mortgage companies  

Published by Scottsdale Times, April, 2007  
The Valley is a prime place to test new products. What's in it for the "average mom" whose opinions on pomegranate smoothies can make or break a new brand?  

Published by AZ, February, 2007  
What exactly does it take to sell a $3 million car? Find out with a behind-the-scenes look at Barrett-Jackson  

Published by Camelback, August, 2006  
What does the Valley want? Just ask developer Steve Ellman, who?s finally found a buyer for his vision of Phoenix?s second city.