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Published by PHOENIX, November, 2014  
The late Bill Thompson's twisted humor pioneered today's more edgy kiddie fare. Could there ever be another Wallace and Ladmo Show?  

Published by Times Publications, January, 2013  
For theater understudies, standbys and swings, life in the wings can be more lucrative - and sometimes, more exciting - than a moment in the spotlight  

Published by Times Publications, July, 2012  
After the closing of the Scottsdale 6, Arizona, once home to nearly 50 drive- in movie theaters, is down to only two. Meet the people who are trying to resurrect the vanishing icons of balmy Arizona nights - some of them doing it themselves in their own backyards.  

Published by Lovin' Life, July, 2010  
Sun City Grand's Ron Ransom is waiting for his debut on Sunset Daze, a troubled cable reality series on swingin' seniors, to launch his life's own crowning chapter.  

Published by Times Publications, December, 2009  
Local artist James B. Hunt has found a novel way of showing his peculiar pieces of art -- first by hiding them and then letting fans seek them out as free treasures.  

Published by AZ Society, October, 2009  
Phoenix Art Museum is just entering its prime.  

Published by AZ Society, November, 2008  
For arts patrons, getting to know the real people behind Ballet Arizona is philanthropy's greatest perk  

Published by Scottsdale Times, September, 2008  
Are Air-Guitar Events the Next Karaoke Kraze?  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, August, 2007  

Published by Scottsdale Times, June, 2007  
Valley TV hopefuls learn the best route to the small screen is a big personality  

Published by AZ, March, 2007  
PV artist Bret Rowe enjoys hanging with big ideas  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, February, 2007  
As Baby-Boom bloggers get hip to the new ?Web 2.0? tools, some are creating media-rich time capsules of Phoenix history ? and new concerns for a web-leery generation. The question is, are we ready for an interactive Legend City, KRIZ-KRUX mash-ups and vir  

Published by Times Publications, October, 2006  
Ballroom dancing is the latest "gotta try it" phenomenon sweeping suburbia. Valley dancers are, surprisingly, taking the lead