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Published by TechConnect, November, 2008  
Alt energy innovations born in the Arizona boonies are going global. Get ready for the Revenge of the Hicks.  

Published by TechConnect, November, 2008  
For cities today, the message is go green - or lose vital tech industry  

Published by Scottsdale Times, July, 2008  
Stoked by the green movement, proponents of prefab architecture are racing to develop the Prius of manufactured homes. But will Americans give up their Hummer-sized abodes for a smaller-is-better lifestyle?  

Published by Scottsdale Times, February, 2008  
Global-warming skeptic and ASU Professor Robert Balling feels the heat as the greenies become meanies  

Published by Scottsdale Times, August, 2007  
Once kooky tree huggers are today's green gurus. But would you want one for a neighbor?