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Published by PHOENIX, June, 2016  
Seasonal affective disorder is a "thing" in Phoenix during summer, when depression, aggression and stifled productivity all mushroom in the relentless Sonoran heat.  

Published by PHOENIX, April, 2016  
Our list of the 25 most influential people in metro Phoenix healthcare  

Published by Times Publications, November, 2011  
At the new Phoenix Children's Hospital, an expanded staff of top-ranked doctors are transforming pediatric care, one child at a time  

Published by Times Publications, July, 2009  
Twelve years after being misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy, the Beery twins are leading normal, active lives. A mother's tenacious research and what she considers a miracle have set them free.  

Published by Scottsdale Times, May, 2008  
Armed with a new ability to see their own medical futures, Valley "previvors" are taking out doomed organs and body parts before they can take out them  

Published by AZ Society, February, 2008  
Ryan House aims to give families of children with life-limiting conditions the unprecedented: a break  

Published by Scottsdale Times, December, 2007  
Warning: That next cannonball dive in the lake just might kill you. Still, that's no reason to skip spring break in Lake Havasu . . .