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Published by PHOENIX, December, 2015  
Mad or nomad, homeless or just hoboing, scores of unrooted transients migrate between our north and south climates annually, following or fleeing the sun as the seasons change. Are Arizona’s "homeless snowbirds" living the couch surfer's dream, or riding a wave of neglect?  

Published by Times Publications, January, 2012  
In today's hip urban backyard, chickens are the life of the party. Except for those being raised for, ahem, dinner.  

Published by Times Publications, May, 2011  
The modern-day summer camp is less about roasting marshmallows and hiking the back trails and more about getting the kids blazing early career paths  

Published by Times Publications, February, 2010  
Arizona is becoming home to a new breed of upscale retirement communities, giving new meaning to the term "destination resorts"  

Published by Lovin' Life After 50, December, 2009  
For decades, Arizona's RV parks have been attracting active retirees. But in today's economy, some 55-and-over communities are welcoming younger residents living on wheels wherever the work may take them.  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, May, 2008  
As the Valley's Hispanic population gains affluence, home builders are catering to the trend by placing half-million-dollar homes next to blighted barrios  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, December, 2007  
As progressive homebuyers long for greener and friendlier 'hoods, Arizona's "co housing" communities are catching on. Just don't dare call them "communes."  

Published by Arizona Republic, October, 2007  
Let the kids command the living room entertainment. New bedroom media centers are becoming the family's second theater  

Published by Arizona Republic, October, 2007  
Buddhas, foo dogs and other Asian artifacts are making a design comeback. How to work them in your home without releasing a skandha of negative consciousness  

Published by Arizona Republic, October, 2007  
Pity the stool! Kitchen designers think outside the island for new eat-in environs  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, May, 2006  
A lot of Valley adults are now re-populating the old neighborhoods they used to haunt as kids. Will T-P'ing the neighbor's house ever be the same?