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Published by Times Publications, December, 2012  
Antique hunting is suddenly cool, and it's putting at least one dusty Arizona diner on the map  

Published by PHOENIX, October, 2011  
From 2012 doomsday survivalists to closet 'preppers,' more and more of our neighbors are secretly stockpiling food, water and weapons to guard against an approaching enemy: us, the unprepared.  

Published by Scottsdale Times, August, 2008  
Competitive eaters can devour ten percent of their body weight in ten minutes. But will they ever get any real respect?  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, November, 2007  
Most days, they toil in anonymity. But on hot product launch days, store clerks become the shopper's superstars - if only for a morning  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, June, 2007  
Behind a curious domed house in Cave Creek, transcendental trespassers come to walk Taffy Lanser's labyrinth for enlightenment, inspiration or just a dose of eccentricity  

Published by Scottsdale Times, March, 2007  
With just forked sticks, bent coat hangers and pendulums, Arizona "dowsers" are discovering water, missing persons and – sometimes – fat fees