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Published by PHOENIX, May, 2016  
Could U.S. Marshal David Gonzales be the bipartisan, bicultural candidate to finally dethrone Sheriff Joe?  

Published by PHOENIX, December, 2015  
America's first openly gay big-city mayor comes home to helm an elite business network.  

Published by PHOENIX, June, 2015  
Some of the Valley's most ardent Fed-fearing, LGBT-demonizing citizens find a mouthpiece in a headline-grabbing East Valley preacher. Could Steven Anderson just be getting started?  

Published by Times Publications, July, 2011  
With his new off-radio morning show, is Dave Pratt personality radio's savior - or just the Valley's answer to Charlie Sheen?  

Published by Phoenix Magazine, November, 2009  
How do you get to the top of Camelback Mountain? For Bill O'Brien, it took ingenuity, hard work - and a bit of the luck of the Irish  

Published by Times Publications, December, 2008  
Arizona's celebrated Masche sextuplets turned a year old this past summer. Now, can the couple keep the love coming - not to mention the free diapers?  

Published by AZ, October, 2007  
A new team, a new home and a new baby. Life is going full speed for the Phoenix Suns' Grant Hill, while his "home team" - his wife and daughters - adapt to that other Phoenix sun  

Published by AZ, March, 2007  
At 65 and retired to north Scottsdale, the Muhammad Ali of today is a different – some say even greater – kind of champ  

Published by Scottsdale Times, February, 2007  
Valley Cowboy's Reality TV Show Licks City Slickers  

Published by AZ, February, 2007  
Profile: Ben Homan