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Published by PHOENIX, September, 2016  
A baseball injury left him paralyzed at age 21, but Loren Worthington is back on the field as an "adaptive" sports photographer, leading him on an unexpected path to Rio.  

Published by Times Publications, November, 2012  
Professional video gamers battle for major league legitimacy.  

Published by Times Publications, October, 2012  
High stakes fantasy football players are investing big money and, sometimes, big ego in playing owner to teams that exist only in their wildest dreams  

Published by Times Publications, February, 2011  
Seventeen years after orchestrating the biggest gambling scandal in college sports history, former ASU Sun Devils captain Stevin "Hedake" Smith is finally betting on a winner: Himself.  

Published by Times Publications, March, 2010  
From quarter-midget race cars to high-speed pocket bikes, kids too young for drivers licenses are rippin' it up on Valley race tracks  

Published by Times Publications, May, 2009  
In Cave Creek, almost any yahoo can try riding a live bull behind a rowdy Western saloon. But only the baddest cowboys can make it big in the rising sport of professional bull riding.  

Published by Arizona Republic Special Features, January, 2008  
America's fifth largest city prepares to put on its A-game for Super Bowl XLII  

Published by Times Publications, January, 2008  
At High Performance Driver's Ed events, everybody's an Earnhart, at least for the morning.  

Published by AZ Society, October, 2007  
Valley business leaders tap their inner Steve McQueen through vintage auto racing, the thinking man's NASCAR  

Published by AZ, October, 2007  

Published by Arizona Republic, August, 2007  
Couple share passion for "over-the-hill" cars  

Published by Arizona Republic, July, 2007  
Back to the Future car is a fan magnet  

Published by Arizona Republic, June, 2007  
Valley thirtysomethings tired of their tricked-out Civics are trading up – to modified versions of the luxury brands their elders used to drive  

Published by 85255, August, 2006  
Smart, poised and super-skilled in sports, for Stuart and Claire Moty, success is all in the genes