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"In general, I love everything your writer, Jimmy Magahern, does for New Times. He has such a gift with words. He manages to hook me on every story, even when I'm not that interested in the subject matter."

— Rick Morrison, Phoenix

"I just read the article on Mark Davis/Richard Cheese (Big Cheese). Really in-depth. You captured Mark, his parents' house (which I remember exactly as you described it) and the Vegas scene perfectly. Thanks for quoting me accurately and for the nice mention of us."

— Rob "Iceman" Izenberg, Premiere Radio Networks, Los Angeles

"Really great article on the Valley's comedy scene (Jokers Wild)! When I saw the cover of New Times, I just had to read this, having personally done standup comedy a decade ago.

"Thanks to writer Jimmy Magahern for such a well-researched and well-written article, and to New Times for putting it on the cover. "

— Russell Shaw, Phoenix

"This was one of the most poignant articles I've read on immigration (Postcards from the Edge ) because even I — as a rabid anti-immigrationist — learned something. I actually felt compassion for migrants that I had never felt before. Good job writing a story on this issue that was truly unique.

— Ann James, Phoenix

"This (Postcards) was not your usual story on the plight of Mexicans trekking over the border and through the desert to Phoenix. This was not even the story of how we bad Americans exploit the poor souls when they get here by paying them shitty wages. This was a story that actually told me something about the people who are coming over the border. It humanized them, made them seem just like the rest of us — the only differences being that they are much poorer than the average American and much more desperate.

"Good job on driving home what should be obvious to Americans, but seems to be lost on most of us, including officials like U.S. Representative J.D. Hayworth."

— Justin Sawyer, Tucson

"Great article by Jimmy Magahern on the photo project along the border (Postcards)! That story told me more about illegal immigration than the reams of copy the Arizona Republic has written over the years. Kudos to Magahern and to New Times for pulling off what I previously thought was an impossible feat: publishing a philosophically captivating yet entertaining story on illegal immigration."

— Jack R. Lawson, via the Internet

"I thought the articles on the evacuees from Katrina were well-written and insightful (Storm Troopers, Katrina's Second Wind). Judging from the recent letters to the editor on the first story, I think the article cuts closer to the mark than most folks will admit. Keep up the great work."

Brendan Griffith, Surprise

"Thank you, Jimmy Magahern, for your diligent research into the KCDX-FM 103.1 story (Ghost Radio). This station is the best thing to happen to radio around here in, well, since it's commercial-free, maybe ever! I am appreciating and rediscovering so many classic songs and hidden gems. And best of all, New Times has shined a light on a great mystery. Keep on truckin'!"

— Craig Younger Chandler

"That article (Dance Dance Fever ) was great! I read it like three times. I even got a copy for my mom to check out. I don't know about what you guys think, but the way the writer described us is exactly what we look like from the view of someone who doesn't compete. Like it or not, that's how it is. Quite a big article for a subject like DDR."

— Jason, a.k.a."Luffy", Phoenix